All teens who have signed up to go to this year FUGE camp at North Greenville University, need to make sure you have obtained the  forms below. You may download and print them or request a copy from Pastor Joe. You will need to complete all forms and have them notarized. A copy of your insurance card needs to be turned in with your FUGE release form.
Parents, there are links to forms designed specifically for you. You will find the FUGE Parent Pack, Schedule, and After Camp Quiet Time Devotions. The parent pack will provide you with information about our camp as well as provide a list of items to bring. The schedule will provide you with a list of times and activities that your student will be participating in. Finally, the quiet time is a daily devotion that your student can do by themselves or with your family after returning from camp.
A reminder to students, there will be NO HEADPHONES ALLOWED on this trip. Cell phones WILL NOT BE USED during worship, group times, or activity times. Bathing suit requirements for our group will be slightly different than that of the camp. All young ladies and gentleman will wear an appropriate T-shirt along with their bathing suit. This shirt cannot contain inappropriate wording or advertisements. While on the beach, young ladies will be required to wear an appropriate pair of shorts, adhering to the camp’s standards. All student are encouraged to bring snacks for the trip and their rooms.  
Just a reminder, all FUGE payments should be turned in by Wednesday, June 5th. Payments may be given to Pastor Joe or turned directly into the church office.
Want to know what FUGE Camps are? Click here to learn more.